Tuesday, 16 April 2013

We Never Thought We Would Live to Witness the Samsung UN46ES6100 Revival

We Never Thought We Would Live to Witness the Samsung UN46ES6100 Revival

After many trials and errors (with a clear emphasis on errors) Samsung have finally come clean with their definition of black and have decided to call a spade a spade and not mess with it any longer. This way the whole world is universally in accordance with what black should look like – thank God for that! The Samsung UN46ES6100 46” 1080p 120Hz Slim LED/LCD HDTV is presented in black, like most other Samsung models and boasts Smart TV capability, with the Smart Hub featuring some of the best apps in the market, has a black matte and a swivel stand allowing up to 20 degrees on either side. There are 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports and the Samsung UN46ES6100 comes wi-fi enabled. Unfortunately, as with most matte or semi-matte finishes the angled viewing always seems to suffer somehow and the Samsung UN46ES6100 is no exception, with saturation and contrast severely diminished, by as much as 20%, when angled at 25-30 degrees

Which Modes To Choose For Best Picture

Setting options are nice when they actually make a difference or do something they were designed to do. Nowadays, fancy names and features try to enhance the image and price of many models but few actually have any impact at all. We have gone over the picture modes available in the Samsung UN46ES6100 and have these suggestions to offer.
•    Natural – saturates and brightens the overall picture but lets out a horrid orange hue, which is better kept for orange juice commercials!
•    Dynamic – overly bright. To be used only in very dark rooms but, even so, brightness may be too overpowering.
•    Movie – this setting is actually ok, as long as you enable Auto-Motion. With Auto-Motion disabled expect a lot of judder.
•    Standard – contains an Energy Star option but too much blue and colours are exaggerated.

Web Browser Lethargic and Due for Retirement – Already!

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Probably the best thing that Samsung could do with their web browser for the Samsung UN46ES6100 is scrap it altogether. You do not get the luxury of a QWERTY keyboard with this model but you do have it on your set. Clicking and responding seem to be light years away with this browser and to get a response of any kind, you might find yourself fast asleep by the time that happens! Typing in the letters is the worst bit actually, as once you have that figured out then loading the page is quite fast. Sort of neat-looking but moves like a pensioner.

Just in Case It Won’t Fit in Your Bathroom

If you are thinking of squeezing the Samsung UN46ES6100 into a tight spot, you might need to have the Samsung UN46ES6100 dimensions, which happen to be 10.9” x 41.8” x 27.6” and the set weighs 32.4lbs. We did not mention the price of the Samsung UN46ES6100 yet but the Samsung UN46ES6100 best buy would work out at around $1090, which is not a price to be ashamed of. Actually, we believe it is great value for money.

Ups and Downs of Buying This Set

The Smart Hub feature is well advertised by Samsung, but we personally think that they should keep it a secret until they figure out how to make it respond better and quicken its pace (by a lot!) Every other aspect you would expect from an LCD/LED HDTV is incorporated in the Samsung UN46ES6100, which is why we think it is a good buy and a TV you will be pleased with. The Samsung UN46ES6100 is not going to rock your world but it will perform admirably and loyally until death do you part!